Sisters- Gift to Heart -A Friend To Heart- Golden Thread To The Meaning Of Life IMG 20170226 124934 320x320 Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family. But when they’re grown-up they share the most strongest relationship Kinnereth, Sophie and Rachel, our super sweet insane sister clients share exactly the same Relationship.

Few days back they dropped down at INSANE TATTOOS STUDIO to get themselves inked which could represent the idea about their bonding and theirs love-support connection.
Kinnereth, the eldest of all described thier childhood, stories and about their strong bonding.She narrated,”As a little kid, my sister’s wanted to be me. Anything I did, they wanted to do. They were that annoying little sisters who wanted to copy everything about me. Despite being first cousins and not Real sisters, which actually didn’t bother us because we also behaved like the real ones in fact more of friends.I was that older sister who hated the fact that her little sisters were her copycat. LOL. Thankfully (and for her sanity), I quickly grew out of that phase, but this doesn’t mean I no longer look up to them.Despite this we hardly fought , somewhere around I loved that annoying part of me. We loved watching cartoons and our favorite was Powerpuff girls.We even played those characters in our childhood games.

For many years now (a.k.a my whole life), Like most sisters, we’ve gone through different stages–from playmates to study buddies to advice partners to besties to enemies to shopping partners to travel buddies and so on and so forth. Of course, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies between us. We’ve had our fair share of fights and tears through the years. But even so, I can honestly say we’ve always been there for each other–cheering on, supporting each one in all our endeavours and even sacrificing our time and energy to help one another with our projects that don’t benefit the other in any way. We amongst are always the first person we run to whenever anyone need advice on anything and everything that’s important in one’s life, whenever someone is putting me down and whenever we need help. They’re my confidante, no. 1 supporter, defender and best friends. I may not tell then this much but I couldn’t ask for a better sisters and I’m beyond grateful that I have these both to hold my hand and guide me through life.They are my Human diaries if I could have to describe them. There is nothing in the world that we don’t know about each other.We just the crazy trio who can laugh and laugh and have fun no matter where we are. We find out way to enjoy with each other with full madness.Sisters- Gift to Heart -A Friend To Heart- Golden Thread To The Meaning Of Life IMG 20170226 124352 320x320 So to uplift our sister’s spirits, we Decided to get inked and Insane Tattoos Studio was the right choice for us. Amritraj has beautifully designed the Tattoos as per our bonding and we loved his style and idea. Getting tattooed at INSANE was not only cool and but we had fun blast.”

Thank you Kinnereth for sharing this out.Sometimes when you tend to focus to write only about tattoos much, we fall in love and get attached with our clients story so much that we forget about the tattoos.

Thank you Amritraj and Insane Team for your wonderful concept.Sisters- Gift to Heart -A Friend To Heart- Golden Thread To The Meaning Of Life IMG 20170222 WA0001 320x320

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