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As the awkward, yet reassuring, transition into a new financial year and back to normality continues, I’ve been thinking long and hard about my blog, content and where I want my life online to go from here. And in 2017 I really want to up my blogging game. After a lot of time given up on the topic I came across an unusual concept tattoo made by the super talented and creative artist Amritraj. A combination of Lord Shiva and Wolf!!!

I know you people are bit amused after reading about this concept. I checked into Google To Help me out with this connection but this time even google went clueless.
I saw the picture of this tattoo and I got more curious to know about this concept as I have always been a Shiva devotee.Every tattoo has a story. Being a curious sort, I couldn’t resist asking Pratik,our client at Insane tattoos what tale his Shiva- wolf tattoo had to tell.

Shiva is God of all gods, He is the protector and the destroyer of this world. He resembles forgiver and condemner both. In this concept Pratik said the his Shiva symbolizes strength and power. Power to destroy our Imperfection in order to ensure ones spiritual progress. The destroyer of ones evil and negative nature. The destroyer of bad old memories so that it gives the power to get along with the time movement. He impediments to our progress and inner transformation ad helps you rise above all fears of world.

Likewise Wolf is seen not only as a totem of power and strength, but also as a pillar of wisdom and a spiritual guide. some cultures, they are the predators of the night, hunting and stalking our darkest nightmares. In actual, they are noble warriors, great leaders, and protectors of the innocent. With such a varied reputation, it seems that the Wolf is one of the most misunderstood beings in ancient folklore. The client explained that for him wolf also represent strength and power. The world may mistaken you always for your negative side and let you down but have the power and trust in yourself to rise up against all fears. The wolf has it in his nature to be kind, gentle and loving,but when it comes to matter of protecting friends, family and his own heart, it turns out to be the most relentless creature one will ever know

Wait now who would have thought of such great inter meaning connection of Wolf and Lord Shiva. Pratik had made up his mind to get inked with this concept. Someone said, “The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique” and this unparalleled artwork is the witness. Pratik drop down at Insane Tattoo Studio exclusively to get this tattoo done from Amritraj as he had faith in his expertise. He wanted the unique never done before wolf-shiva combition, to be the power and protector of his arm piece and of course the magic of Amritraj’s alchemy.

Amrit very well understood his fancy and flourished this beautiful concept. . In almost 10 hours he was ready with this awe-struck anatomy of lord Shiva beautifully fusion with face of wolf.covering a splattered background.
Amazed to witness such amazing creativity. Our client was satisfied and happy with the flow of his concept turning out into such beautiful masterpiece.

Thank you Insane Tattoos for this wonderful art. and thank you Pratik to make me know so much about this unique relationship. Truly with amazing Insane Artist we even have amazing Insane thinking clients as well.

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