Pranav Pawar

Wanderlust Tattoo/ Waves Tattoo/ Rope Tattoo  Travell 1202 2019 12553553234849270685 01 scalia blog default

Client loves travelling alot and she got an tattoo which has elements related to travelling. Arrow with wanderlust , wanderlust…

Mother Tattoo/ Father Tattoo/ Marathi Font  sadhobai 0102 2019 0808887189527073695821 01 scalia blog default

The client wanted to get inked his grandmother name in her memory. Beautifully done by Artist Pranav At Insane Tattoos.Mumbai,India.

Mother Daughter Tattoo/ Family Tattoo/ Sea Tattoo  fatherdaughter 2301 2019 01110292232811049562 01 scalia blog default

Beautifully Tattoo of father daughter done by Artist Pranav At Insane Tattoos,Mumbai,India. The client came with an simple idea related…

Ornamental Tattoo/ Circle Tattoo/ Shoulder Tattoo  Mandala 00100dPORTRAIT 00100 BURST20181130183031389 COVER 02 scalia blog default

Mandala Tattoo beautifully done by Artist Pranav At Insane Tattoos,Mumbai,India. It has an circular figure which represents the whole universe….

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