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Coverup Tattoo / God Tattoo/ Free Hand Tattoo Greek shiva 20191007 202213 20191129162002811
Greek shiva

The client came up with some Shiva designs which he had seen on google or pinterest which was very common….

Bird Tattoo/ Roman Numbers Tattoo/ Moon Tattoo Raven Tattoo 20190417 193139
Raven Tattoo

Beautifully Done by Artist Amritraj ,At Insane Tattoos,Mumbai,India. Client came up with an simple design and he believes in magic…

Ganesha Tattoo/ Religious Tattoo/ Hand Tattoo ganeshji 20190403 224133 20190503164036028

Ganesh tattoo done by Artist Amritraj At Insane Tattoos, Mumbai.India. He came up with the idea of making a very…

Dad Tattoo/ Om Tattoo / Trishul Tattoo potrait tattoo dad IMG 20190422 005821 20190422113942864
potrait tattoo dad

Portrait Tattoo of a dad beautifully done by Artist Amritraj At Insane Tattoos,Mumbai,India. Client wanted to surprise his dad by…

God Tattoo/ Roman Number Tattoo/ Dove Tattoo peace 20181016 035120

Peace Tattoo with eagle and date in roman beautifully  done by Artist Amritraj At Insane Tattoos,Mumbai,India.The desgins is cutomised for…

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