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Abstract Tattoo

Moon Tattoo/ Wolf Tattoo/ Forest Tattoo  Abstract Tattoo ornamental 1 1

Abstract art is a very broad term for art that distorts the shapes and forms found in reality. An abstract art work can use lines, shapes and brushwork to create an idea of an object, place or person, rather than an accurate visual representation.

An abstract tattoo can represent a physical item, animal, place or person, but it can also be used to express emotional and spiritual ideas. The use of color and shape defines the emotion or idea within the painting. For example, if the artist wants to express a sensation of depressed cabin fever, he may squash a stick man beneath swirls and shapes of dark and dull colors, all trapped within a box. What makes an art work like the one just described “abstract” is that it is not true to life – the emotional shapes don’t exist, and there would be no depth, perspective or proportion within the painting. The stick man would be a representation of the artist, while not actually looking like a human being (ie without details such as hair and skin.)

Artist Amritraj has done some tremendous eye pooping abstract Tattoo. The above shown picture is just one of them.