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Sea Horse Tattoo

img-20161227-wa0006  Sea Horse Tattoo IMG 20161227 WA0006 320x320

The seahorse actually belongs to a genus called ‘Hippocampus’, which translates to ‘sea monster horse’. In some circles, the seahorse’s association with creativity may stem from its own name. The Hippocampus region in the human brain is linked with long term memory and is so named because it resembles a seahorse. These cute little creatures are usually found in shallow tropical and temperate waters. The natural element, Water, is considered to be the element of the Mind and many spiritual gurus and yogis often practice their mediation rituals with a source of flowing water nearby. This close link with the Subconscious accounts for why seahorses are totems of Creativity and Meditation.
With this Seahorse Tattoo our client wants to express to the world that, despite your tiny size, you are much more than you appear to be. You are a protector, a provider, and even in the face of obstacles and challenges, you are a fighter.
And Our super talented Artist Amritraj Singh Sachdev has brought this tattoo so creatively beautifull.