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The Wolf Resembling Strength

fb_img_1480938904442  The Wolf Resembling Strength FB IMG 1480938904442 320x320 A true artist has the courage to get outside of his comfort zone and this is when true masterpieces are born. Courage is possibly the most important trait of a great artist and one who creates meaningful and powerful works Tattooing isn’t about tracing stencils anymore – it’s about creating art. And not just any art – there is a big difference between the ability to draw and the ability to crank out a work of art under pressure. And one such Artist is Amritraj who created this masterpiece.The wolf

When asked client about what is tattoo meant he said,”My wolf tattoo meaning is about self-love and doing what needs to be done to live a whole, healthy life – no matter what my external environment throws at me. The wolf means strength, respect and a quiet kind of integrity. My tattoo reminds me I always have the support of a pack when I need it, but also have the freedom to be independent.”