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Thank you Amrit for this amazing tattoo. You have more than just good talent. You are truly blessed with an artistic mind.

For others reading this…. I proudly carry the above portrait on my right wrist. It’s the sketch of my late dog Berry who has been my reason to smile since last 8 years. The heavens took him away on 2nd Oct 2016. However I know he is always around but being human I want to see his presence too and that’s where the idea of this tattoo was born.

Initially I thought of just having an outline of a bulldog since Bulldogs like Berry have a very wrinkled face and if the tattoo wouldn’t come well I wouldn’t have been able to relate to it and regretted all life. So I shared an outline image with Amrit and he agreed to do it. But when I reached his studio I felt I needed more and that’s what I told him. Even though I went to his studio at half past eight in the night and suddenly changed my plan to do more detailed stuff he was more than happy to stay back and do something that will satisfy my soul. Very patiently he said we won’t hurry let’s see what you want and work on it. We sat looking at Berrys pics and decided on a few. We finally selected two one for the outline of the face structure and other for the calm and happy emotion on the face. I know it was a challenge to mingle the two Into one portrait but with Amrit you know everything is possible. He managed to draw a design that I immediately loved.

It didn’t take him more than 15mins to prepare the sketch and another 15mins to prepare the room for making the tattoo. I immensely appreciate how he maintains the hygiene in his studio by converting everything around before starting a tattoo and using absolutely new cartridges and other things. It’s all in front of you so you are assured of your health and safety.

Then came another demand from me that Berrys portrait should be facing me so that in good and bad times he is always looking at me. He had to make this portrait in reverse. His technique is brilliant you hardly feel any pain and the way he seamlessly inks you know something incredible is being created. I couldn’t stop admiring his work while he was still making magic on my wrist because it looked so real I felt Berry is back.

After the tattoo was done he instructed me well but the little bit of initial care I need to take. He was very humble to understand my emotions behind doing this tattoo and I could see his dedication in making it happen the way I needed it to be.

Thank you again Amrit. You don’t make tattoos.. You create magic.

Keep up the amazing work!!!

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