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I have named this piece as “BALANCE”

4550 rs was the REWARD to be precise at
This is a DONATION collected in PUNE tattoo festival?

This money is collected as a token of appreciation of our piece that we did at this convention
Also we answered questions of tattoo artist who had doubts and in return we asked them to donate something
This money collected will be donated to “FOOD CHARITY” soon

We did not enter this Tattoo piece into any competition

Which was my basic idea of being away from competition and still participating…but still doing my best at the convention
This piece is customized includes many styles….like MANDALA WITH DOTS ,REALISTIC COLOUR , BLACK AND GREY, GEOMETERIC , COLOUR SPLASH to gain maximum attraction for the artwork…..

Thank you each person who donated and appreciated our work
Big thanks to whole teaKingstattoosupply India Jitesh Gaikwad and everyone who supported this idea

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